Add Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home


Adding curb appeal to your home goes a long way not only to the appearance of your home but in making your home attractive for sale. Therefore, the importance of curb appeal when putting your house on the market cannot be overstated. A home that has poor curb appeal has a strike against it before the prospective buyers even step inside. A negative impression is created that may not leave after the potential buyers see the inside of your home, no matter how beautiful the interior of your home is. Follow these tips on how to add curb appeal to sell your home so that your home can start out on the right foot.


Maintain Your Yard


Nothing detracts from a home more than grass that is not maintained. If your lawn has brown spots, weeds or if it hasn’t been cut, these are factors that you must correct to improve the chances that your home will sell. A poorly maintain lawn screams that you don’t care, and depending on the severity of the problem, warns a prospective buyer that if they buy the home, they’ll have work to do on the lawn. If you do have the time to improve and maintain your lawn, hire a professional lawn service to do it for you. It will be worth the investment to enhance the sales potential of your home.


Add Some Color


One of the best things you can do for curb appeal is to add some color to a house that does not contain a lot of color as part of its outside appearance. Is your lawn mainly just green grass and green shrubs? Add some color by planting annual or perennial flowers that match the zone of your area. The flowers don’t have to be high-maintenance. Go with easy care flowers that only require water and the occasional weeding. There’s a chance that a buyer will change the landscaping after the sale, but making a good impression with color is worth the effort.


Hire a Landscaper


If cutting grass and planting flowers is not your cup of tea, not only can you hire someone to cut your grass, but you can also hire someone to design the rest of your lawn. A landscaper will choose the appropriate shrubs, flowers, and more, that will greatly enhance your curb appeal. Our friends at Frontier Lawns and Landscaping are specifically good at doing this for homes that are looking to raise their curb appeal.


Freshen the Stain or Paint on Your Deck or Porch


Do you have a front deck or porch? Is it stained or painted? If so, what condition is the stain or paint in? If the stain or paint is faded or chipped, it’s important that you freshen the look. A stained or chipped appearance takes away from the appearance of the home and starts everything out on the wrong foot. Freshening a porch or deck is an affordable upgrade that will contribute positively to curb appeal.


Add Window Treatments that Attract


Believe it or not, the windows of your house contribute to the curb appeal. What do your windows look like, and do they have window treatments? The right window treatments can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. Be sure to install window treatments that go with the style of your home and that improve the style of your home. This is a step that is worth your taking your time. In fact, consult a professional window dresser for assistance if need be. Otherwise, there are affordable window treatments that you can install yourself.


Once You’ve Completed the Work, Keep it Up


One of the most important factors of curb appeal is your ability to maintain it. It does no good, for instance, to improve your lawn and then not continue with the maintenance. Even if people only do so much as to drive by your home to look at it, when your home is on the market, it needs to look its best at all times. A home that is on the market is its own “business card” and should entice people to want to look inside.


Adding curb appeal to your home adds value to your home and improves its appearance for sale. It creates a welcoming home for neighbors and visitors and it can make your home one of the most attractive on the block.