How Interior Design Raises The Market Value Of Your House


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Raising the value of your house doesn’t require huge investments. Even small improvements can do wonders, provided that you know what kind of renovations have the highest potential to curb the appeal of your house and to make it easier to sell for the right price. Here we’ll take a look at a few of these details that can make it or break it for you when it comes to raising the value of your house.


The first and foremost thing people notice once they enter your house is the interior design. Everything matters, as the first impression is sometimes the key element that makes potential buyers fall in love with a property. This is why you have to pay close attention to all interior design details and make improvements wherever possible.


The floors, for instance, can create an impression of style and luxury, without you having to spend money on replacing them. Hardwood floors can be sanded and waxed to make them look like new. This is a fairly inexpensive improvement that can make potential buyers agree to pay a higher price. Carpets need to be spotless clean. Vacuum cleaning isn’t enough to refresh them. For best results, consider hiring a team of professional cleaners to steam clean all the carpets in your house. This will get you rid of all stains and dirt. It will also contribute to improving the quality of the indoor air. Your visitors will feel it. You can also make use of another trick, which is to match the floors with other interior design elements in a room. Pay attention to the window treatments. Replace them if they look worn out. Clean them if they are still good. At the same time, check your windows for spider webs and dirt. Clean them if needed, as such details can make visitors give up.


It comes without saying that all walls need to be spotless and freshly painted. This is very easy to do, as painters are less expensive than other categories of workers. Besides, a fresh layer of paint is the everything you need to make your interiors look refreshing and neat. If you are the creative type of person, you can try to play with colors. You can choose one wall in each room to be painted in a different color. Make the ceiling and three walls white and paint the fourth wall in bright orange or in dark red. This will attract the eyes of the visitors, so make sure you place some nice piece of furniture nearby that wall. Furthermore, ensure there are other elements in the room that have the same color as the rebellious wall. If nothing matches but you’re still keen on painting your wall in orange, try to find some high-quality art featuring that color and hang it on the other three walls. This will create a very nice contrast with the rest of the room. Besides, there are lots of good looking pictures you can buy without having to pay an arm and a leg for that. There are even reproductions of all famous paintings in the world, so you have lots of options to choose from.


Your interior design should be in line with the modern trends. If your house is rather old and you haven’t renovated it in a while, you may have a hard time at changing its style for cheap. Nonetheless, get some inspirations from interior design magazines or even from Pinterest or Facebook, and try to apply those tips to make your house more attractive to modern people willing to live in that specific area or neighborhood. There are lots of gimmicks you can place in specific points to create artistic effects people will love. If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire an interior designer to give you some advice. If you are on a budget, get only some ideas and do the implementation by yourself. This is a very effective method to enjoy a beautiful and modern interior without a huge investment of money or time.


All these being said, you should acknowledge that interior design has a huge influence on the price of a house. The better you can make your home look, the more money you’re going to get by selling it.